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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto IRC and download files?

Getting onto IRC and downloading files is easy. Just check out this help page, which has all the info you need.


I want to help out. How do I become a server?

New servers are always needed. Not only that, but being a server entitles you to quicker downloads. If you are interested in being a server, check out this tuturial for setting one up


Why does the server window keep closing?

The server window sole purpose is to find out what files you want to download. Once the server knows what file you want to download, it saves that info and closes the server window on purpose. Don't worry, your file will send whether you have that window open or not. Your file may send instantly, or it might be placed in "Queue" and send later.


I joined the channel, but there is no one there. What gives?

There are two possible reasons why this might happen. The first, and most likely, reason is that you are either not on the right network or channel. So be sure you are connected to the ForeverChat Network, and on the channel #fictionmania. The other possibity is that the network experienced something called a "netsplit". If this is the case, then either wait it out or reconnect to the foreverchat network.


Why do some ".avi" videos play without sound, or not at all?

Most of the time, this problem occures when a file is incomplete, or you are missing the correct software to play the file. This problem happens most with files that end in ".avi". Avi files usually require something called a "codec" to play the video and or the sound. If you are having trouble with an avi file, make sure that it is complete and download and install the following codecs.

Where to download

Standard DivX Codec(FREE) (version 5)
If still having trouble with divx try the 3.11 version



What player do I need to watch a certain video?

Just look at the extention of the file you are trying to play and refer to this table to see what software you need to play it. Remember to always use the free version of the player.

File Extention (.xyz)
Players to use
.wmv / .asf
.rm / .ram / .rmvb
.mpg / .mpeg


Help! How do I open a ".zip" or ".rar" file?

Both Zip and Rar files are compressed files. Sometimes they contain multiple files stored inside of them. Other times they are just a single file compressed so that it is smaller. Windows XP can usually open these files without any extra software, but users of other operating systems will need to download and install extra software like WinRaR.


How would I search the channel for a file?

You can search for a file by using the @find command.

Example: @find Switch

The only problem is that not all servers support this command. So if you search for a file and don't find it, it is possible that the file exists on another server but it is just not listed.


How do I remove my file from queue?

To remove a file you have queued, just re-type the trigger you used to get onto the server and then use the clr_queues command.


How can I tell where I am in queue?

Simply re-type the trigger of the server you are curious of, and then use the queues command. You can also see what is the status of the current send by using the sends command.

Where can I find descriptions for certain items?

Go here to find information on all things involving transformations.