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Setting up an FServ


The #Fictionmania channel wouldn't exist if we didn't have servers. Servers are individuals who share their own files, or mirror the files of others. If you are here, I am hoping that you are interest in helping out by becoming a server. Being a server also has it's advantages. Servers are typically the first to receive the newest files, and usually have priority for older files. If you serve for a long time, you can even become a channel operator.


To begin, you will need specific software to run a server. I recommend you use Invision, and I will show you how to set it up in this guide. To use Invision, you will to download both mIRC, and also the Invision addon (mirror). First install mIRC, and then install Invision to the same directory.

Click Browse and select your mIRC directory


Be sure to remove the extra mIRC if it shows up

After you select the correct location for your installation, just finish up installing the program. After it is installed, just run the mirc.exe file located in your installed directory. In the example given, the file would be E:\mIRC\mirc.exe.


Click Invision from the menu and the select File Server Manager


Once Invision starts, connect to Foreverchat and our channel just like you did earlier. But once you are connected, locate Invision on the top menu and click it. Then select File Server Manager to configure your server settings.


You can change the settings here, or just click the Triggers tab.

Here, you can configure your File Server. There are all sorts of settings that you can change, but you don't necessarily need to change any of them if you don't want to. However, I do recommend that you manage your Max sends, Max Queues and unselect "All Channels" and just add #fictionmania.


Enable each trigger, and select the directory you want to share.

Next Click the "Triggers" tab and enable each trigger you desire. Each trigger must have a directory to share, and a trigger name. After you set and enable each trigger you want, click apply and the ok.


Right mouse click in the #fictionmania channel

All that is left now is to start your server. Just right mouse click on the #fictionmania channel, select "Server Controls", then File Server, and then Start Now. That is it! If you did everything right, you have setup your own file server.