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IRC Help

If you are already familar with IRC, and want to setup your own File Server then click here. Otherwise, continue reading the help file below.

Below are instructions for accessing our channel using mIRC 6.12 or greater. While plain old mIRC is not always the best choice for navigating around, these instructions will work for most of the other IRC programs you might choose to use.


To get to our channel, the first thing you must do is download a program that will allow you to access IRC networks. The program used in this help is mIRC, so go here and download and install mIRC.

Connection Dialog Window


After you install mIRC and run it, a dialog window will popup that looks a lot like the one above. The main task of this window is to ask you what you want to be known as on IRC (a Nickname), and what IRC network (or "Server") you want to connect to. After you have entered a name, an email, a nickname and an alternative nickname, click the colorful button to the right of the "Connect To Server" button to change what IRC network you will connect to.


Connection Dialog Window (IRC Network Selection)

Now you will see the dialog window change so that you can now select what IRC network you will connect to. There are many, many IRC networks out there, but our channel in on the ForeverChat Network. So be sure to change the IRC Server to "ForeverChat:Random server", or you will be unable to find our channel.

Click Me

After you have done everything I've mentioned above, then you can finally click the "Connect to Server" button and connect to our IRC network. If for some reason you ever have trouble connecting, or are connecting to the wrong server, just type

/server irc.foreverchat.net

And hit enter. This will automattically connect you to the correct network.

* Connecting to irc.foreverchat.net (6660)
* Identd request from
-phoenix.foreverchat.net- *** Looking up your hostname...
-phoenix.foreverchat.net- *** Checking ident...
* Identd replied: 35080, 6660 : USERID : UNIX : Retro_Girl
-phoenix.foreverchat.net- *** Found your hostname
-phoenix.foreverchat.net- *** Received identd response

* Deena_Pilgrim sets mode: +ix
Local host: adsl-41-284-359-189.dsl.phen01.isp.net (41.284.359.189)
-FCGlobal- [Logon News - Dec 02 2003] Use of this network constitutes agreement with all rules stated at http://www.foreverchat.net/index.php?page=aup and any listed in this servers MOTD. Use of this network indicates you agree to all rules as stated. If you do not agree with the rules, you should immedietely disconnect and not reconnect to this :network. Thank you.
-NickServ- Your nick is unregistered. ForeverChat reccomends you register your nickname.
-NickServ- With a registered nickname, you can register channels and send memos.
-NickServ- Join #help if you need assistance with this.

/join #fictionmania <--- type the command in red to join our channel
This is what you should see after connecting to the Foreverchat Network


If I haven't lost you yet, you should be connected to the ForeverChat Network and ready to join our channel. To join our channel just type

/join #fictionmania

or type


and double click on our channel when it shows up in the list of channels.


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