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IRC Help Page 2

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If you did everything right, then a new window should have popped up and you should now be in the #fictionmania channel. Remember, if you get stuck anywhere along the way, just ask in the channel and usually someone will be around to help you out. But please do everyone a favor and read the rest of these help pages before asking.


Remember when I said that using plain old mIRC wasn't really the best choice for downloading? Well, on this page you are going to have to make a few changes to the settings of mIRC, so that you can download freely. Don't worry, you will only have to do the stuff on this page once.

Click Tools from the menu and then click Options from the pulldown menu

To make these changes, look up at the top of the program for the word Tools in the menu bar. Click Tools, and then click Options.

Click the DCC on the left part of the Dialog to get here

The settings made in this part are pretty much optional, but it will make your life a lot easier if you make your settings the same as the ones above. Just click on the word DCC on the left most part of the dialog and then change the settings on the right to the same as the image I have above. The selection made in Step 2 is very optional. Basically, this option allows you to download files without having to be around to accept it. This is a very useful option, but it is less secure since you will automatically download any file sent to you. It is up to you where you enable this Auto-get option, but I have always had it enabled on my copy of mIRC, and I've never had any trouble or viruses.


Click the word Ignore under the word DCC you clicked earlier

This is a less optional setting that you will really need to change. Basically, mIRC tries to make your IRC as secure as possible by preventing all but the most basic of files from downloading. This means you will not be able to download anything like video or audio until you make these changes. Simply disable the DCC ignore and uncheck the "Turn Ignore Back On in" option.


That is it! If you did it right you will never have to make changes to these settings again. You can now download any file you want, and it is very likely to download successfully. Now it is time to get into real the core of everything you will need to know to get around and start downloading. Please continue On to Page 3!