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This channel was created in the hope it would be to media, what the real Fictionmania is to fiction. However, we are in no way affiliated with the real site.
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SeaLab 2021

Harvey Birdman

Nikutai Teni Vol 2

Izumrud: Princess Ozma
Farhad's page is back, and other news!

Sorry for not updating the main page too terribly often, but the forum seems to do the same job with more ease. I will try to add more news here, but I'm betting I'll be lazy and just add it to the forum. ;)

Well, now for some news! I'm sure most of you will be happy to hear that Farhad's page is back! You can find his page here, and we also set up a new forum. Check it out, and say hi!

A new Xchange game is coming soon! It is called Ying-Yang, and seems to be another XChange game, but with different characters and situations. Looks like it will be pretty cool, and definately what the XChange series needed! :)

A new anime series is about to have a TG ep on saturday. Unfortunately, only those in Japan will get to see it for now. I believe the series is called 'Kero', and follows the manga based on the same little creatures. The web page for the series has a small clip of the ep, which is likely not to be around for too much longer... so check it now or never!

E3 update, and more on Foreverchat 05/13/04

Back again from the E3, and I had some more time to check out other games. It looks like there is a possession game coming out soon. The new game is called Geist, and it deals primarily with possession of people, animals, and things. It is possible that there is a very small TG aspect to the game, but I didn't see that in the E3 demo... we can only hope ^_^

It seems that Foreverchat is still having a little trouble while the DNS change continues. If you are having trouble connecting, try the command:


Hopefully that will allow you to connect while the changes are in effect.

Just an update. 05/12/04

Just got back from the E3 today, and boy am I tired. While I was there, I did catch two games that seem to have some very minor TG elements. I only looked at it for a bit, but it looks like the game "Under the Skin" is centered around the player shapshifting into any form he wants to hide his idenity. Another game has similar elements, and goes under the name "Destroy All Humans!".

While I was out though, it appears as though Foreverchat has lost all of its registered nicknames and channels during a DNS change. So this means that if you had a registered nickname, you are going to need to re-register it all over again. ><


More Untranslated TG Stuff!

It's update time again, and we have a few new videos for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, all four videos are untranslated, so watch out!

Of the four, two of the new videos actually come from Poland! Thanks Lorinell for the heads up!

The first polish video is called Operacja Koza, and is a body swap movie. The second is a video based off one of the stories from the Wizard of Oz. The story in particular is about a figure called Princess Ozma, who has been missing for years but is rediscovered in this story.

Next, we have two videos from Japan! The first is an adult version of the Exchange Students video. However, unlike the original exchange students video, this one has a lot less plot. The last video we have is the sequel to Nikutai Teni Vol 1. There is a lot of swapping going on in this one, and it is also untranslated. Because of this, it is a little difficult to know who is who at any particular time.

Since we keep getting these untranslated videos, the channel could really use a translator for some of this stuff. If anyone out there is willing to help, and knows some languages like Japanese, please send me an email.

Just a heads up 03/09/04

It looks like Mako is making a new film, and it seems to be live action this time! There is a trailer for the film online, and a forum post discussing the progress of the film. Hopefully it is picked up and made into a full length feature!

Thanks to a visitor to our channel, I was made aware of a TG film called Dobol Dribol. There is a small description of the film here. I believe that you can even buy it from that particular site.

A real small heads up on two online comics. The "What Not" comic had a reappearance of a character who was recently changed into a female (check here for the original change). Also, the El Goonish Shive had a small TG change in a recent post.


I'm back! 03/01/04

Sorry for being gone for so long. After having a bit of trouble with one of my hard drives, I have finally got almost everything back in order again. I will try to start updating this site more regularly again.

Thanks to Michael Binary, we now have a help page for our German speaking friends. The German help page can be found here. Danke Michael Binary!

Looks like Nikutai Teni Vol 2 will be coming out soon. According to this link, it should be out by 3/25/04. Hopefully we will be able to get this one for the channel as well.

Thanks to TG Scientist, Bridgette's Hellions has found its way to our channel. It's a cool flick with a nice TG scene. Check it out!

Also thanks to a very nice person named Hanoy, we have a 3 new foreign videos and one video from the US.

The American film is called The Click, and I think it is quite excellent.

Next we have Tenkousei (which means Exchange Student), which is also enjoyable but untranslated. It has a few nice scenes.

Turn Left Right Make and My Body Your Soul are also untranslated and a little weak on TG content. I don't recommend choosing either of these as your first choice of new videos to get. But if you are bored and needing something new to see, then check them out. :)


Big Update! 01/24/04

Remember those Japanese videos I mentioned a week or two ago? Well those videos are now available for download. ^_^ Most are very good, despite the fact that they are untranslated. A big thanks to Farhad for finding and sharing them!

The German body swap movie "Emma Hilfe Ich Bin Ein Junge" has also been added! Thanks Bee!


Hero # 12 comic!
The new Hero comic "Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes" has hit stores! The current comic is about a guy who finds and uses the Hero device. However, the device ends up changing him into Electro Lass. The comic is quite good, and I highly recommend finding it if possible. If you have trouble fnding it, you can download it from this link TG Scientist has made. Check it out!
Fserv Tutorial Online 01/08/04

Just wanted to announce that there is now a tutorial for setting up your own Fserv. The channel is always in need for more servers. So if you want to help out, be sure to check out the tutorial.

Links page is next on the agenda!

Thanks to Farhad, there will be quite a few new TG Japanese movies added soon. Stay Tuned!

Happy New Year! 01/01/04

Hope everyone had a good new year! Since it is a new year, I've decided to move the site over to its new host. Be sure to check out our forum! It is possible that we may need to move the site again later, but lets hope that doesn't happen.

Since a few of the newer videos use the Real One format, many have asked where to get the Free version of this program. Well you can download the Free Real One Player here.

It appears that a FM writer is making a movie! It is called The Catalyst and it should be available in a few weeks. Very cool!

The comic My Flesh is Cool should be coming out soon. It is about a killer who can jump into any body he wants. Hopefully the comic turns out to be cool!


Changes! 12/30/03

It looks like this web page will be moving to greener pastures! A very generious individual has given us a bit of web space and also a forum! Hopefully this site will be completely ready in a few days.

One of my favorite TG art sites has added an image to the picture BBS. It is a bit naughty, but I'm sure you will still want to check it out anyway. :)

There is a Gender Bender story plot in the online comic called What Not.

I don't know if most people are aware of this, but there is a Wotch Fan Art Gallery online. Many of the images are TG and quite good!

And speaking of sites that don't get enough press. Check out this Japanese site called Mashiro's Castle. The site has tons of TG art images, and even flash animations!

Vierge uploads image requests and other news!

Recently, over at the Fruitshop, Vierge offered to draw any requested art. Well, those requests have been filled! Check them out here!

The TG antics continue over at the online comic Don't be Afraid, and also be sure to check out the TG stuff in the new online comic by the same artist called Shift. It is about a person who suddenly gets the ability to shapeshift.Check it out! :)

For anyone who is interested, my page was mentioned in Touma's blog. I don't know if it is just me, but I thought that it was cool. Touma's blog typically has links to all sorts of cool stuff from Japan and elsewhere. Check it out, you might find something you didn't know about.

On an unfortunate note, Farhad's page will be closing soon. Be sure to save what you can before it is gone. You might want to also thank him for his years of effort in bringing TG manga to the masses.

Geocities bandwidth limit!
Well... It seems that the geocities bandwidth limit is a little lower than I remember it. This means that the page might disappear from time to time. I've reduced the quality of all the images on the site, which should increase the max number of users by 4 times. I'd still like to get a better host, so if anyone knows of a good place that might host the site, please email me.
New S.G.V.Y Chapter!
A new chapter has been added to the online comic Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. Check it out! It is quite cool!
Want some custom TG art?

Over at the Fruitshop, Vierge is taking request this week for art. So if you have something in mind you would like drawn, head over to the Fruitshop and request it!

Help Complete!
The help part of the page is pretty much done. All that is needed now is to see if it is actually helpful. F.A.Q. is next. Thanks to paul for image touch ups and advice!
Sweet Jesus! 12/05/03
Updating takes a while!
Web Design 102 12/04/03
The updating continues! The web site is looking better!
Web Design 101
Still in the process of recreating the web site with a better look. Hopefully it will turn out to look nicer and be more productive.